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Sugar Beach is a 1.1km strip of sugary light brown sand in the northern part of Sipalay City where you can enjoy relaxation and creation.

The first thing that captured me was the serenity brought by the secludedness of Sugar Beach. If you are a sort of introvert like me, will enjoy by the peaceful environment. Rest and recharge is the overarching theme here.

My timing was not that ideal, it was June 2019 when I visited this place. I just want to escape the concrete walls of Bacolod for the meantime. But, I still was able to enjoy Sugar Beach’s spectacular beach despite the cloudy weather. 

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Sugar Beach is located at Barangay Nauhang, in the northern part of Sipalay City. Travel time via private vehicle is around 20 minutes.

The illustration given by Google Maps as of June 2019 is not ideal as it doesn’t show you the best one. 


How to Get There

I’ve read a top blog saying that it’s challenging to get there. And yes, indeed. Google Maps gave a confusing direction.

My boatman and local folks living in Sugar Beach also said that many people get lost because of Google Maps. So here’s my attempt to direct you briefly.

The Common Wrong Way

As of June 2019, Google Maps will give you this direction below. Don’t follow it. It’s a bad way and wrong way. 

From point 6 to point 5, it’s a downhill and rocky road- wrong way. It will be a dead end, you will have to turn back. And slippery when raining! 

I think one reason for this is that Google’s satellite has not yet penetrated the Sugar Beach area.


Road to Sipalay Sugar beach
Map 1: Don't follow. This is the wrong way given by Google Maps, starting from point #6 to #5.
Sipalay New Government Center Blog Images


  1. Sipalay Poblacion
  2. This is the correct way. From Poblacion, the road at the left after the New Government Center is where you should turn.
  3. New Sipalay Government Center
  4. Road’s Dead End (as of June 2019) and the mouth of the river. Options to Take (a) Pumpboat via the sea (P300 per trip) (b) Small boat to make you cross to via the river. Then you walk to your resort (P20 per pax)
  5. Sugar Beach
  6. Wrong Turn. If you follow the blue line from #6, that leads to a dead end. I went through downhill, bumpy and rough roads. Plus, it was raining! So my wheels almost got stuck! Good thing, the very few locals I passed by, gave me the redirections.

The Correct Way to Sugar Beach

Turn to the Gil Montilla Road, just beside the New Sipalay Government Center. It’s a 4.7km stretch from the Negros South Road to the Sea. You will pass by a school and a bridge.

Map 2: Go to the (1) New Government Center of Sipalay; (2) Turn Right; (3) Turn Left, you will cross over a bridge; (4) Park your car. Ride the boat via the sea or via the river mouth.

From Sipalay
To get there, enter the road with Gil Montilla Building beside the New Sipalay Government Center going towards the beach. If you are from Sipalay proper, turn left. 

From Bacolod/Cauayan
Turn right after you’ve passed over the road going to Sipalay airport if you are on a car. For commute, there are tricycles going to and from Sugar Beach area which you can negotiate from P10 to P30 pesos depending on the number of passengers.

From Sipalay Airport
Cebu to Sipalay Trips v.v. via Plane are on 
Wednesdays & Sundays. Iloilo to Sipalay and v.v. are on Mondays & Thursdays.
From the New Sipalay airport to the Highway/Government Center is 3.77 km. Turn to Gil Montilla street to the beach.

Parking Spaces at the Dead End Road Tourist spots are quite distant from each other in Sipalay, so a car lets you enjoy mobility. Park your vehicle at point #4 in Map 2. This is the dead end of the road development as of June 2019. The government of Sipalay is rushing efforts to finish this road and maybe, a bridge to Sugar Beach. It’s a dilemma, since the bridge would make the area crowded and lose its secludedness. The river mouth separates Sugar Beach from the main land.

2 Options to Cross to Sugar Beach from the Dead End Road / Brgy. Nauhang

crossing to sugar beach


1.) I opted to rent the P300 per trip boat ride to Sugar Beach so I can oblige or request the boat man and his team to watch the car for the night.

2.) Cross the river mouth via a smaller boat. P10 to P20 per ride per pax. Then walk from across the river to Sugar Beach where you want to stay.

The city is also increasing their efforts to promote tourism of the area, so I am sure security measures shall become better through time.

You can also talk to the owner of the store and ask her to watch your car for you. Don’t forget to give some tip. I saw around 10 cars parked here.

Where to Stay

All of the resorts in Sugar Beach are just arranged side by side. They face the same beach and you can just walk passed by each one. 

Taka Tuka Lodge

If you walk from the river, this is the first inn to approach you on the Sugar Beach. Their tagline “the most unusual resort in the Philippines” is spectucalarly true. 

Cleanliness and disctinctiveness is a major theme. The front beach is relaxing.

Big Bamboo Sugar Beach Resort Sipalay Rates Blog Images

Big Bamboo Resort

The things I like about Big Bamboo are the good food and affordable rates. 

The tagalog bistek by their in-house cook just tastes so well. The owner was also there and was very accommodating.

You stay at a nipa-based accommodation with mosquito net, a good bathroom and a safe box. Design is well-planned.

This concept-driven resort offers kayaking. You would enjoy relaxing on their beach benches or swing. 

group soccer table is also available for barkada fun.

Driftwood Village

  • Owners: Peter and Daisy Ganz
  • 6113 Philippines
  • +63-920-900-3663
  • +63-919-236-7055
Sugar Beach House Sipalay
Photo taken from resort's website

Sugar Beach House

Bermuda Beach Resort

Green Garden Sugar Beach Sipalay Blog Images

Green Garden Beach Resort

Buenaventura Beach Resort

First beach I read from a blog, and it was the first beach I intended to stay to when I arrived. The road going here is via the small pathwalk beside Big Bamboo Resort. I visited here in the morning but found out it seems closed. Here are their rates.

sulusunset sugar beach sipalay
Photo taken from resort's website

Sulu Sunset Beach Resort

sugar beach airbnb

Get up to ₱20,600 towards your first trip. With one-of-a-kind homes and experiences, Airbnb is a great way to travel. When you sign up, you’ll get 10% off your first home booking — that’s up to ₱20,000 off. And you get ₱600 to use toward an experience of ₱2,310 or more. Coupons expire one year from date of sign up.

Sugar Rocks Beach Resort

Located at the north-end of sugar beach. Offers unique panorama rooms with aircon. Native style rooms with fan & shared kitchen at fair rates.

  • 09084298413
  • 09986170688

Things to Do

Cliff Jumping

Things to Bring

  • Very important: Mosquito repellant such as “Off Lotion”. Had around 8 mosquito bites coz I forgot to apply. Driftwood sells it also.
  • Clothes good including swimming clothes
  • Bag for wet clothes
  • Cellphone
  • Cellphone Charger
  • Power Bank
  • Camera
  • Food and Drinks for snacks of your preference for the trip
  • Supplements and any first aid or ongoing medication for anyone with a medical condition
  • Sun Protection: Sun Block, Hat, Sunglasses
  • Flash light
  • Pocket Money

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